He arrived on the island one fine day of year 2005 after an improbable journey.
He sat on the beach, before the turquoise lagoon, facing the Indian Ocean
and some palm trees say that tears came to his eyes.

It was there! An almost telluric wave of emotion went through his mind and he decided from that day
to never leave this place, and he settled on this secret piece of paradise, on the edge of the world.

He undertook to build at the price of a thousand complications what is now Analatsara, a haven of
peace and quietness where he likes to receive his friends and guests, and share with them a glass
of wine, a freshly caught grouper, a tropical image carried by the wind.
Discuss and exchange experiences, desires, utopias.

«Paradise may not exist,
but Analatsara looks like
the image we have…»…”

“Le Baron”, as people of the island call him, is an esthete. He managed to choose beauty, peace, and pleasure as he likes to remember. And having a treasure is no longer one if it isn’t shared.

Nadia Briois

« I like to come back in this privileged sanctuary at world’s end, where one can find despite
the remoteness, a refined table with silver cutlery, fine tablecloths, crafted candlesticks,
wine decanters of Bordeaux wines.

All this, light years away from the Western and consumerist trepidation, in an idyllic setting while
living with the locals and respecting their glorious nature and traditions. »

Jean-Pierre is a dreamer, a spirited individual in a good way, coming from another century.
He created a beautiful world, which he wants to share with his hosts, around a local punch that sometimes makes us reach galactic delusions. He found an eighth youth that unites him to Nadia,
who manages Analatsara better than anyone else.

You’re not quite the same when you’ve known Ile Aux Nattes.
And you’ll only wish one thing: to come back.