Our table d’hôtes is one of the most renowned.
If you express the wish for a romantic “dinner”
at the edge of the lagoon and intimate, we will of course answer
to your expectation. But traditionally, meals are spent together,
at a lively, friendly and animated common table, where we exchange
freely our knowledge, our experiences and our emotions.

Culinary themes:
Menu / Big table / By the way…
Lobster and cicada bar – Wine bar – Arranged rum bar –
Cigar cellar – Wine cellar –
Fish smoker – Meat smoker (white – red).

Served at the table you have chosen: on the terrace facing the lagoon,
your feet in the water on the lagoon table, or in the gardens
of Analatsara with, for your greatest pleasure,
a variety of our ‘culinary signatures‘.

To see the full menu, click here.

At our table we don’t eat…no! We savor specialties, together with
a good wine or any other fruity drink (with or without alcohol) of your choice.

Our table is reputed to be one of the best and stands out
by its creativity and its search for the “pleasure of our guests”
relying on local products (entirely eco and organic).
We strive to accommodate them for the greatest emotion of our taste buds.

Nadia aux fourneaux, excelle dans sa passion !

Our key words are: welcome, pleasure, sharing and (respectful) freedom.