A stop on Nosy Nato is a getaway… There are no roads, so there are no cars.
This island is a trip out of time where nature is permanently preserved and intact.

I like to share my “lightning bolt” love for this place with our guests through the walks
on foot in the island, where you will find, in total calm, fauna, traditions,
legends and exuberance of nature.

Share the lifestyle of the Saint-Mariens, exchange with them funny and friendly moments.
A part of beach soccer or petanque on the beach for the most sporty…

If you are passionate about history, we invite you to explore the famous Phare de la Pointe Blévec

It’s not just swimming of course, the west coast of Île aux Nattes and its postcard beaches…
Diving for lovers of fauna and aquatic flora, in bottles or snorkeling.

The fishing is safe, thanks to our motorboat or the old one, in a boat with a local fisherman.

The Island of the Nights is full of local gargoyles, small restaurants where you can
to be able to taste the mets of the inhabitants.

There is a local pictorial “discotheque”, the Baby Houses – you have to see it at least once.
In addition, there is another legendary disco, the Case à Nono located in the south of the
Sainte-Marie island… ls pirogues traversent la passe night and day.

From the place called “La Maison Blanche”, in the center of the island in the Nights,
a 360° remarkable viewpoint is offered to visitors…

L’îlot aux sables

On a coral base, white sand is found within a beautiful turquoise lagoon,
on the outskirts of Sainte-Marie Island, three white sand islands,
Nosy Rinditra, Nosy Andromba and Nosy Alanana.
You will find all kinds of shells, superb coral foundations surrounded by sand.
According to the season, the birds nest on the ilot.
Real natural aquarium with fish exotic in improbable colors, it’s an ideal place for aphonia.