“Aho handeha ilonat” = I’m going to the île aux Nattes !​

From the capital of Sainte-Marie, Ambodifotatra to the southern tip, the best means of transport remains the Tuk-Tuk. Convenient and plentiful, the trip costs an average of 20,000 Ariary per group of travelers (up to 4 people).

Otherwise, a marked path takes you through the west side of the island to the guest house through lush vegetation. About 30 minutes of walking if you are not too busy.


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By boat to get to Analatsara Ecolodge you have to count:

  • from the Pointe a price from 30,000 Ar
  • from the airport a price from 40,000 Ar

The price varies according to the number of people.

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You can observe our exact geographical location on Google Maps.
Our GPS coordinates : latitude = -17.1119 ; longitude = 49.802