Kellie Netherwood Photography

Sainte-Marie is today the most popular destination for
observe these peaceful cetaceans.

Sheltered from mass tourism, on the island of Nattes we
let’s spend happy days between tropical gardens and lagoons…
And this is where we live between June to September each year,
humpback whale season. An incredible spectacle, offered by nature.

And even from the white sandy beach of Analatsara, the lucky ones
will have the opportunity to see them.

It is in honor of this marine mammal that the Whale Festival was created
organized by Festival. A unique event with an environmental dimension,
composed of concerts, sports activities and cultural events,
allowing the island to vibrate together more than ever.
The next edition should take place in 2023. More info here.

What seems banal takes on meaning and value…
Fabulous are our friends ‘the beasts’ who enjoy freedom here.
From the imposing zebu to the poultry that flock to a water point,
all by their living conditions and their presence embellish your stay.

On land, between the improbable birds, the timeless turtles or the captivating
lemurs, your child’s soul, whatever your age, will remain amazed.

By exploring the seabed, you will have the opportunity to discover species
of the most alive in the colors of the rainbow.